Scion XS-able Manual Rear Entry (1 of 1)

FMI Scion XS-able Mobility Vehicle

Is a mininvan or full size wheelchair accessible van not appealing to you?  The Scion XS-able mobility vehicle by FMI is the perfect solution for wheelchair transportation in the mid size SUV.  Featuring a rear entry conversion that is 100% manual operation, making it not only the coolest looking mobility vehicle, but also the most reliable, fuel efficient and affordable option.  Open the rear lift hatch, deploy the ramp to the ground and roll the wheelchair effortlessly up the ramp and in to this stylish mobility vehicle.  If the wheelchair user will have an attendant or family member assist with loading and unloading, the Scion XS-ability is the perfect mobility vehicle for both kids and adults in wheelchairs.

Arrive in Style!!!

Whether traveling cross country or simply taking a trip to the store, the FMI wheelchair accessible Scion xB XS-able mobility vehicle offers incomparable versatility and convenience coupled with the great looks and reliability.   In fact, to the untrained eye, a converted wheelchair accessible Scion looks virtually identical to an unconverted car. It isn't until the doors open and the wheelchair ramp unfolds that passersby are treated to the true nature of this mobility vehicle.

Manual Rear Hatch

Simply open the rear hatch to access the ramp the same as you would any other Scion xB.  Keeping the rear hatch ultra light helps reduce effort it takes to open or close the rear hatch.  Even after the Scion xB has been converted to the XS-able, no one will ever know the true capability until it's time to open and load up.

Manual Ramp

With built in assist, deploying and stowing the ramp can is done in effortless fashion.  Having the capability to load the largest and heaviest power chairs, the manual ramp operation will keep you on the road to your next adventure and out of the service shop.

Lowered Floor

A very critical component to the FMI Scion XS-able mobility vehicle is the lowered floor.  After lowering the Scion's floor 10''at the rear, rolling up the ramp and through the doorway with 53'' vertical door opening with ease.