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Serving the Sacramento, CA area with nonprofit wheelchair van sales since 2012

Destinations Mobility was founded in 2012 serving people with disabilities, seniors and all mobility challenged individuals in the Sacramento California area. Today Destinations Mobility is providing sales and service to areas including California, Nevada and Southern Oregon.

Safe & Reliable

Destinations Mobility recognizes the importance of reliability, service and commitment to each of their customers when in the decision making process. Each of our customers will learn that they will always be able to rely on our products being safe, dependable as well as cost-effective. We set our performance standards high for each of our employees and the mobility options that we sell and install.

We Want To Be Your Key To Independence

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide range of mobility transportation options at a non-profit affordable price! At Destinations Mobility we understand that many customers that come through our doors have a smaller budget to spend and spending beyond their means or sacrificing their indepence should not be their only options. We strive to listen and help with any concerns and develop the appropriate mobility transportation options for them based on their budget.