See what our customers are saying..

Thank you for all of your help. I didn’t know where to go and felt like I had ran out of options. It was encouraging to find that your banks understand our modifications and you were able to give us a loan.

Thank you for what you did, our customer is in here now bragging on you. He loved dealing with you and appreciated your great service. He said he plans to trade every two years and will always use your company.

JPlease accept my sincere thanks for all you have done for us in this transaction. Please have a great day and year and may God our Father bless and keep you and each member of your team responsible for our gift of new wheels. Thank you very much!!

Thank you so very much for providing great service! You always answer when we call… and yes to provide excellent customer service one could argue and say “that’s is what you should do” However, being as though we are in a similar line of work. It’s dedication, discipline and a lot of hard work to do what you do.

Awesome Brandl Mobility Finance, I really appreciate your help with this customer of mine. I will definitely talk to my superiors about how far out of your way you went to help our customer. You truly have went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks again, and I will look forward to doing many more deals with you!

I just wanted to say Thank you for some very helpful advice you gave me several months ago when we were buying our van. By taking your time to give us the credit advice we needed, we followed your directions and now my credit score is 789!!!! A few points higher than my husbands. And it’s all thanks to you and your advice.

It was good to finally meet you. Thanks for ALL the help in 2013….Brandl is a great business partner and YOU were the reason we had more van sales.