Wheelchair Van Loans For Businesses

Expand Your Wheelchair Van Fleet

At Brandl Mobility Finance, we offer competative financing options for businesses who are looking to expand their fleet of accessible transportation vehicles.

Competitive Commercial Loans For Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Brandl Mobility specializes in commercial loans for wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Finance experts can get your next vehicle purchase approved very quickly.  Having relationships with many lenders across the country, Brandl Mobility has options for businesses that have been around for many years, or the business that is just starting up that is having a tough time in securing a loan.

Commercial wheelchair vans for business use.  The wheelchair vans have a loan on them.

Good Credit - Bad Credit - No Credit

Have confidence applying with Brandl Mobility that your loan is going to be approved with excellent rates and flexible terms.  Even if you or your business has poor or no credit at all, we are confident we can get the loan you need at a monthly payment that works for your business.

Commercial Leases or Fixed Rate Purchases

We will help you choose whether a Lease or Purchase would give you company the greatest tax benefit. You also may qualify for an additional $15,000 tax deduction with your purchase.

Our fixed rate purchase loans and leases are both simple-interest with no prepayment penalties. To find out today what we can coffer you on your next loan, simply complete out our simple one page online business application - or give us a call to complete one over the phone.